IRS Problems

If you have un-filed tax returns or unpaid tax liability, we can help. Our experience and approaches are proven and our success is unparalleled. Put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

The IRS and IDR have incredible powers when it comes to the assessment or collection of tax liability. The IRS can seize your bank account, seize your wages and even seize your home or business. The IRS also has the ability to file tax liens that ruin your credit and give public notice of your tax liability.

There are many reasons people do not file tax returns or have unpaid liability. Sometimes a death or illness gets in the way. Sometimes the loss of a job requires a family to dip into retirement funds to pay basic living expenses. Sometimes a temporary downturn in one’s business causes tax problems. Frequently, one year leads to another and another and snowballs into a larger problem. Often, the fear of the IRS leads to a simple inability to take action. Unfortunately, the IRS does not care why you have not filed tax returns or have unpaid liabilities.

Unlike the IRS, we do care about our clients. Let us help you resolve your tax problems.

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